This video shows how your ZIP code can affect how long you live

Jun 24, 2016

What determines how long we live? Is it our lifestyle choices?

What we eat. Whether we exercise. If we go to the doctor regularly. Whether we smoke or use drugs.

It turns out where we live can be a major determinant of our lifespan.

A study published in April in The Journal of the American Medical Association found where you live can give, or take, years from your life. It's influenced by factors like access to healthy food options and quality healthcare, cleaner air, clean parks to play and exercise, and good schools.

Cono Badalamenti is a physician in Riverside, California -- which is among the longest-lived states. He told TheStreet.com:

Lifestyle medicine experts have known that your life expectancy and quality of life has much more to do with lifestyle and environment then the underlying genome for most people. It is not surprising that where you live and how much money you make can drive health outcomes. It doesn't take a strong imagination to recognize the likely possibility that populations of people with access to a safe environment, affordable high-quality plant-based, whole foods and a cultural connection to healthful activities of daily living would achieve statistical advantages in health outcomes.

The video above from The California Endowment shows the difference a mile can make when it comes to your health. Narrator George Takei says in the video:

"Where you live is about more than just your address, it's about your opportunities."