What determines how long we live? Is it our lifestyle choices?

What we eat. Whether we exercise. If we go to the doctor regularly. Whether we smoke or use drugs.

a urine sample.
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Zero. That's how many welfare recipients have tested positive for banned drugs since Michigan started drug testing welfare beneficiaries, according to The Guardian.

Governor Rick Snyder signed the legislation in December 2014, and the one-year pilot program began last fall.

Tires litter the lawn in front of an abandoned house on Detroit's west side
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I went to a workshop last month called "Why in the D?," which was put on by students at Cody’s Academy of Public Leadership. The point of the day was not to talk about schools; it was to talk about something much closer to home: where they live and the outsize role their neighborhoods have on their lives. 

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The Obama administration proposed new rules last week that would help poor families afford to live in more expensive neighborhoods.

Dad and Baby
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Yesterday was Father's Day, and whether you're a biological, foster, an adoptive father, stepdad, grandfather, or father figure, we hope you had a great one.

The definition of fatherhood is changing. Dads are breaking out of the boxes of disciplinarian, breadwinner, and masculine role model.

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State of Opportunity has reported on the importance of early childhood education time and time again.

jail cells
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The U.S. Department of Education recently released its annual Civil Rights Data Collection. And for the first time it includes information about the days and hours of educational programs at juvenile justice facilities.

A teacher's take on the future of Detroit schools

Jun 16, 2016
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When Detroit Public Schools opens its doors this fall, it will likely be debt-free.

The Michigan Legislature earlier this month sent a bill to Governor Snyder which gives the district $617 million to pay off its substantial debt. 

It also shifts control back to an elected school board and splits the district into two distinct entities. Detroit Public Schools will pay off the debt. The new district, Detroit Community Schools, will be in charge of educating students. 

So, what do the people who will be doing the educating think about the state's bailout plan? 

Josh Andrew teaches English at Cody's Medicine and Community Health in Detroit
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There’s now a financial rescue plan for Detroit public schools. But the district's problems go way beyond money: Test scores are among the worst in the nation; students are leaving; teachers are leaving.


School Lunch
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Hi, State of Opportunity fans. This is going to be a pretty quick blog post, since I just want to revisit something I talked about a while back.

It's that time of year again. Children across the country are gearing up for summer break.