Stockbridge Series: a small town school district ensuring educational opportunity

Stockbridge is a village similar to many places around the state. The economy is tough, industry has gone, and the school system is one of few ways kids from the town can get a leg up. This is an inside look into this small town school district trying to make sure their kids have educational opportunity, even in the face of shrinking state aid and a tough economy.
 In addition to Sarah's reports, the Stockbridge project has moving and interesting radio stories, audio diaries, and photography from youth journalists at Stockbridge High School. 

Kayla Gallup, a senior at Stockbridge High School, has a lot of work to do on the farm before and after school. She has to wake up at 5:45 every morning to go out and feed the animals.

Gallup thinks that technology now keeps a majority of kids from getting outdoors.

"Nowadays kids will now just sit inside and play video games and watch T.V," says Gallup.

Stockbridge Youth Journalists: Teachers make a difference

Feb 10, 2013

If I attended a large school like Ann Arbor Pioneer, I don't think I would have reached the all “A” honor roll. I wouldn’t have had the chance to build strong relationships with all of my educators. If I attended a really big school, the environment wouldn’t have allowed me to succeed.

I attend Stockbridge High School, a school with great teacher-student relationships which allow students the unique opportunity to grow as learners and individuals.

When I entered my freshman year at Stockbridge, I believed it unlikely I would develop strong bonds with my teachers.