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The average unemployed white person has more household income than the average working black person

Pew unemployment and race.JPG
Pew Economic Mobility Project

This chart comes from a report released yesterday by the Pew Economic Mobility Project. The report looked at the effects of unemployment on American families. Overall, the report says one third of families in America experienced some form of unemployment between 1999 - 2009. But minority families were far more likely to be affected. Forty-one percent of black families and 51 percent of Latino families experienced unemployment during the period, compared to 30 percent of whites. 

But the chart shows that even when black families had full employment, their household income was still below white families dealing with unemployment. That's how big the income gap between races is in America. The average white family dealing with unemployment is still better off than the average black family who's not. 

You can read the Pew Economic Mobility Project's full report here

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