gender pay gap

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Wednesday was International Women's Day. It was also "A Day Without a Woman," a protest encouraging participants to skip work or school and avoid spending money to highlight the significant role women play in society.

The global day of protest aimed to accelerate gender parity – especially when it comes to the persistent gender wage gap.

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More moms in the U.S. are the primary breadwinners for their households than ever before - earning as much as or more than their husbands. That's according to a new report from the Center for American Progress.

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You may have heard about the gender pay gap that exists between men and women. Simply put, it's when a man and woman share similar professional factors like educational background, amount of work experience, and hold the same position, yet the woman makes less than the man.

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Let's use our imaginations for a second.

Let's pretend my husband and I are the same age. We both have a bachelor's degree. The same amount of work experience. And we hold the same position at the same company.

Even with this identical background, imagine my surprise when my husband brings home a bigger paycheck.

This is the gender pay gap.