STATE OF OPPORTUNITY. Can Kids in Michigan Get Ahead?
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Tech & Opportunity: It's about more than iPads

Bill Ferriter
for the love of learning

In the run-up to our call-in show for next week, we're looking for alternatives to schools as the solution for breaking the cycle of poverty for Michigan's children.

The point is not that education isn't the answer, but what haven't we tried?

Technology, as we've said before, has its costs and benefits. But when it comes to low-income kids and technology, the assumption is that no money equals no technology.

That assumption is wrong.

For example, local districts can use federal Title Ifunds to improve academic achievement for disadvantaged students. There are schools in both rural and urban communities that use this money to provide technology in their classrooms. Far from just turning kids loose on iPads, classrooms benefit from SMART Board whiteboards that enhance interactive learning.

But, again, those are school-based solutions. And Title I is not without its critics

How might technological opportunities improve physical and mental health outcomes for children? Researchers are having success with introducing children on the autism spectrum to video games as physical and social activity

What are other ways that technology can be used to provide opportunities for at-risk kids both inside and outside of school?  You can leave your comments below, or join us on Facebookand Twitter.  

The call-in show airs on Thursday, April 17 at 3 p.m. 

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