Do you live your life in a bubble?

Jul 24, 2012

Things get old really fast on the internet, so by now it's safe to say that this quiz from March is retro enough to be due for a revival.

The 25 questions on the quiz are designed to help you figure out if you live in a cultural bubble. It was designed by Charles Murray, a controversial author who has been trying to explain for decades what leads some people to be economically successful and others to be left behind. Murray's thinking on welfare and raceĀ  in particular (remember The Bell Curve, anyone?) have been very influential, particularly among political conservatives.

The quiz was designed for his most recent book, detailing his thoughts on why the white middle class in America is shrinking.

Murray thinks that in America people who are doing very well financially are shutting themselves off from people who aren't doing as well. He's not the only conservative thinker who's going public with this opinion. David Brooks wrote about this, rather famously, quite some time ago.

So how much of a bubble do you live in? Take the quiz and find out. Did your score feel accurate to you?