STATE OF OPPORTUNITY. Can Kids in Michigan Get Ahead?
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Families & Community

It's Friday. Here's a video of Detroit school children singing. Just because.

screen grab from DAASDetroit YouTube channel

Because Detroit is still in bankruptcy. Because there could be a deal to get out, but nothing is guaranteed. Because even if there is a deal, life is still hard for too many Detroiters. Because infant mortality. Because schools. Because violence. Because pollution. Because jobs. Because racism.

Because because because. 

Why do we spend so much time focused on the negative, when the positives are right there, shining brightly, hoping to get noticed?

Because we believe we have to stay focused if we're going to overcome the negative. But the positive is still there. It needs our focus too. 

So, here is a video of Detroit school children singing about love. It's not a new video. There's no reason to post it today. But we're posting it anyway. Just because. 

These talented kids are from the Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences. You might know of the school from that other video. This one's good too. 

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