STATE OF OPPORTUNITY. Can Kids in Michigan Get Ahead?
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This special reporting project wrapped up in May 2017. Read more.

The Boggs School's message to kids is, 'I'm so glad you're here'

Andrea Claire Maio

Over the last year, Zak Rosen and Andrea Claire Maio have been following students and educators at the James and Grace Lee Boggs School. 

Maio and Rosen have done pieces in the series about control in the classroom, two young students at the Boggs School who are best friends, and about making school more human

For the series' last piece, Maio focused on the Principal of the Boggs School, Julia Putnam -- a cornerstone of the school.

Julia from andrea claire maio on Vimeo.

Putnam met Grace Lee Boggs, the school's namesake, when Putnam was 16 years old.

"I was searching. What was going on in my life was not as full and meaningful as I wanted it it to be. Meeting Grace helped me understand what was missing."

"I know how skeptical Grace has been about starting a school, and whether or not that was the most  revolutionary or the most strategic thing to do in terms of creating real change," Putnam said.

"I think a group of adults who are saying I'm so glad you're here is strategic."

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