STATE OF OPPORTUNITY. Can Kids in Michigan Get Ahead?
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Sometimes a free education just isn't enough

Jennifer Guerra

This week Jennifer Guerra will take us along as she spends time in fifth grade in two metro Detroit school districts.

The districts have very different economic profiles. One is filled with predominantly middle class families, and one is filled with families living in poverty. 

Are kids in both these districts getting a high quality education?  

The demographics of the school districts match the outcomes. One has fairly high student achievement; the other is among the states more poorly performing schools. But the schools are separated by many fewer state dollars than might seem possible. 

Thursday at 3:00 you'll be able to hear the entire hour, and tomorrow you'll be able to hear the first "chapter."

In the meantime, tell us what a high quality education means to you and plan a listening party for you and your family or friends to listen to the show. You can find a listening guide here.

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