STATE OF OPPORTUNITY. Can Kids in Michigan Get Ahead?
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This special reporting project wrapped up in May 2017. Read more.

State of Opportunity Special: A quality education for all Michigan's kids?


Updated with audio from the show.

Remember writing a paper in school? As you wrote your draft, you'd return to your argument to refresh your memory: "Where was I going with this?"

Let's return to State of Opportunity's central question, which is, "What can be done to help Michigan's children get ahead?" For today's call-in show, we're going to tackle that question from the schools angle---one of our favorites. 

We'll be asking you, and our in-studio guests, "What would it take to give all kids in Michigan a quality education?" 

We've fielded your advance questions and comments, but you're welcome to call in live (phone 866-255-2762) or join us on Twitter (@StateofOpp). We'll start the conversation with a look at how educational opportunity varies throughout the state and find out how we got here.

We'll ask our expert guests questions about school finance, school reform, how being in a school labeled as failing affects children and what lessons Michigan can learn from other states.

Our guests are: Jeff Williams of Public Sector Consultants, Education Professor William Price, high school Principal John Tafelski, Michelle Richard from Public Sector Consultants and former Massachusetts Education Commissioner David P. Driscoll.

Jennifer White hosts this special at 3pm. We'll also have plenty of room for your calls, tweets and questions posted to our Facebook page