STATE OF OPPORTUNITY. Can Kids in Michigan Get Ahead?
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What's a more convincing basis for funding early childhood education: fear or societal benefits?

Infographics are the "Public Service Announcement" of our digital era: informative, easily digested, and memorable. Proponents of early childhood education haven't been left behind in using infographics to visualize stats that affirm the benefit of preschool to kids and society as a whole. But there are also some provocative scare tactics out there.

So, which is more effective? Helpful, contextualizing data or eye-catching, mildly disturbing imagery showing our future without preschool education?

Do you remember the following PSAs? Were they effective in changing minds and behaviors?

Did you give hoot and stop polluting because of Woodsy Owl?

Did you, too, weep like "The Crying Indian" in the Keep America Beautiful campaign?

Or perhaps PeeWee Herman's solemn assessment of the perils of crack kept you on the straight and narrow?

The More You Know campaign warning of a potential bacon shortage...

Today's infographics are vying with PSAs for influence. Check out these two example and let us know, in the comments or on our Facebook page, which you think is more effective in illustrating why we should fund early education.

A hopeful approach

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