Are fears of violence causing schools to overreact?

Dec 21, 2012
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Schools in Michigan have taken extraordinary steps in ensuring student safety since the Newtown tragedy. Over 30 schools in the state have shutdown schools for at least two days amidst fears of violence, student-led revolts, and doomsday predictions of a Mayan Apocalypse. Recently, a teenager at Millington High School was charged with a felony threat of terrorism charge for making threats against students and staff. Are these actions necessary or are school officials overreacting?

Source: Nytimes Via: New York Times

Predictions of doomsday have come and gone repeatedly without coming true. But the latest prophecy, tethered to the Mayan calendar and forecasting that the world will self-destruct on Friday, has prompted many rumors of violence, with a particular focus on school shootings or bomb threats.

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