Photo courtesy of the Cortez family

Today’s State of Opportunity story is brought to you by the letter "S," as in study. There’s a new study out that shows Big Bird, Snuffy, Bert and Ernie have a much bigger impact on kids’ lives than just helping them count to ten and learn their ABCs. 

We've covered a lot of heavy stuff this week on the blog, so I figured today we could use a little levity. Doc McStuffins to the rescue! Doc is a 6-year old African American cartoon character who pretends to be a doctor to her stuffed animals and dolls. (The young girl's mom is a doctor, her dad stays at home.) In an age where princesses dominate the cartoon landscape, it's good to see a character who brings more than just a pretty dress to the party. Bonus points for being nonwhite. In the New York Times article, University of Chicago researcher Margaret Beale Spencer says children "are getting ideas about who they are from these objects. There are messages about one’s confidence, one’s sense of self in terms of what I look like and being powerful.” Good work, Doc.