Jennifer Guerra / Michigan Radio

With award-winning restaurants and lofts going for half-a-million dollars, Detroit's midtown and downtown areas are hot right now. But the view is different out in the neighborhoods.

Zak Rosen / Mr.

It was a blisteringly hot summer afternoon in Detroit.


East Lafayette street was blocked off from car traffic. A few hundred people walked in unison down the middle of the street. Some of them carried signs with photographs of gun violence victims. Others held posters that read, "Thou shall not kill."

Adam Allington / Michigan Radio

Of all the roadblocks between urban communities and economic development, a failing public school is one of the hardest problems to fix.

The Osborn neighborhood in northeast Detroit has been living with this struggle for some time.

 Now, thanks to a surge of support from businesses and nonprofits, Osborn has managed to turn a corner –and the instrument guiding that turnaround has been the neighborhood’s high school.