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Summer is finally here, and students are enjoying some time off from school. But come September, many students will be several weeks behind where they were when school ended in June.

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State of Opportunity has reported on the importance of early childhood education time and time again.

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The U.S. Department of Education recently released its annual Civil Rights Data Collection. And for the first time it includes information about the days and hours of educational programs at juvenile justice facilities.

A teacher's take on the future of Detroit schools

Jun 16, 2016
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When Detroit Public Schools opens its doors this fall, it will likely be debt-free.

The Michigan Legislature earlier this month sent a bill to Governor Snyder which gives the district $617 million to pay off its substantial debt. 

It also shifts control back to an elected school board and splits the district into two distinct entities. Detroit Public Schools will pay off the debt. The new district, Detroit Community Schools, will be in charge of educating students. 

So, what do the people who will be doing the educating think about the state's bailout plan? 

Josh Andrew teaches English at Cody's Medicine and Community Health in Detroit
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There’s now a financial rescue plan for Detroit public schools. But the district's problems go way beyond money: Test scores are among the worst in the nation; students are leaving; teachers are leaving.


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School districts get a certain amount of money from the state based on the number at-risk students they have.

The money goes towards resources that help schools meet the greater challenges of educating these students. Things like professional development for teachers, improving curriculum, enhancing parental involvement, and providing other activities tied to raising student achievement.

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This week, the U.S. Department of Education released its 2013-2014 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) results. The CRDC is an annual survey of all public schools and school districts in the country. The new data reflect more than 95,000 public schools and more than 50 million students.

The survey measures student access to courses, programs, instructional and other staff, and resources — as well as school climate factors, such as student discipline and bullying and harassment — that impact education equity and opportunity for students.

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America's public schools have reached a milestone. Students are more racially diverse than ever, and the number that identify as minorities outnumber white students for the first time.

Reginald Franklyn (r) interviews his princicpal at Cody Academy of Public Leadership.
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The Detroit public school district is in desperate need of a lifeline. It’s drowning in debt, and Lansing can’t agree on what a bailout should look like. Meanwhile, many teachers fled to other districts mid-year when they heard they might not get paid.


The teacher shortage has taken a toll on Cody Academy of Public Leadership, a high school on Detroit’s west side. It lost four teachers during the school year, and it can almost never find subs when it needs them.

5 reasons you should enroll your kid in preschool

Jun 7, 2016
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In the fall, my youngest daughter will start preschool.Even though the thought of dropping her off and leaving her with strangers for the first time in her life causes me angst, I plan to fight through it.