Countdown to shutdown for kids programs

Oct 19, 2012
F. Tronchin / flickr

Lots of people are talking about how if Congress fails to reach a bipartisan budget agreement by the start of the New Year, $1.2 trillion worth of automatic spending cuts will go into effect.

This story went around between those on the State of Opportunity team this morning. Honestly, we all had the same reaction and we all thought it seemed pretty crazy. But maybe we're wrong? Tell us what you think. Do you have a child who takes one of these medications? Or are you a doctor who works with kids? Share your story with us.

First generation students navigate college life

Sep 20, 2012
Jordan Medina

Nearly 30 percent, or 4.5 million, of college students are low-income, first-generation students.

Alex Kotlowitz argues in this weekend's New York Times that schools alone can't improve the lives of poor children. He says we need to demand the best from our teachers, but we also need to "grapple with the forces that bear down on the lives of their students" before we can close the economic divide.

Weekend Wrap-Up

Sep 14, 2012
courtesy American Enterprise Institute

It’s been a busy week here at State of Opportunity, so here’s all the stuff you might’ve missed.

1. Charles Murray speaks with State of Opportunity