You asked for it: An extended interview on the theory of white fragility

Mar 30, 2015

Last week, we brought you a story on the theory of white fragility, which was developed by Robin DiAngelo

DiAngelo developed her theory after years of both leading and observing workshops on racism. Her original paper on it runs 17 pages long. She also wrote a book called What Does it Mean to be White. She has a PhD. She's been doing this work for two decades. 
We had about five minutes to tell you the story on our air.  Since then, we've gotten a lot of comments, with many people looking for more context. Some people went ahead and read DiAngelo's paper on white fragility, which is linked to in our original story. 

But there's also a lot more to my interview with Robin DiAngelo than we were able to share on the radio. 

So now,  we want to bring you the extended interview, which runs about 45 minutes. And, a reminder, if you can't listen at your computer, you can download this interview as a podcast, and take it with you. Just search for State of Opportunity on iTunes. 

To hear the extended interview, click the player above.