We want your ideas for State of Opportunity's Infowire!

Oct 21, 2014

Credit Garry Knight / flickr

Infowire stories are a little bit different from traditional news stories. The point of Infowire is to fill an information gap. That means a perfect Infowire story would start with a question. Where do you find X in Michigan? Why doesn't X service work the way it's supposed to? Why isn't anybody doing anything about X issue? I then dig into these questions and try to put together a story.

Our last Infowire story was on mental health services for kids. Families facing those issues don't have many options for high quality care, but there is one program very few families know about-so that was the focus of the Infowire story. 

Infowire concentrates on low-income families or at-risk young people, so the best story ideas focus on those communities. 

Send story ideas whatever way you'd like. You can email alvarez@michiganradio.org, drop them in the comments or on your favorite social media site. Just tag #Infowire. 

I'll keep you posted and maybe send a voting round out if we get lots of great ideas.