The video where we explain..."resilience"

Dec 13, 2013

Credit art_es_Anna / Flickr

We all know words have meaning. But where I think we can agree we might have to disagree is on the "right" meaning of certain words. 

We've noticed the use---perhaps, overuse---of the word resilience in the media. Is resilience something that we say about other people when we feel helpless to do anything about the situation? That certainly seems to be the case as we approach the anniversary of the murder of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. Children who are victims of natural disasters are the most obvious case for claiming resilience. We even hope for nature's resilience in spite of climate change. 

In this video, Sarah Alvarez talks with us about how the word resilience is used and what new research actually has to say about what it takes to be resilient...and what might prevent a child from bouncing back.