Real life in Stockbridge, MI: the pre-K to high school perspective

Feb 15, 2013

Part of the State of Opportunity's mission is to hear the stories of listeners as they experience their local communities. One of the best kinds of community engagement happens when we teach new skills or help others enhance the skills they already have.  What reporter Sarah Alvarez and Michigan Radio intern Logan Chaddee found in working with the 17 young people in Elizabeth Cyr's journalism class is that they have a wealth of insight into interviewing their peers and getting at the "real" story.

In their proximity to their peers and on the cusp of young adulthood, they told their own stories and that of their classmates to give us a picture of their lives in one small, rural community. Some have aspirations beyond Stockbridge. Others love the place they're from and wouldn't think of leaving. This slide show and their audio stories show us a well-rounded and vibrant Michigan educational community as they go about the business of preparing their students for grade school, high school, and beyond.