What happens when you take high school students from a poor school and have them interact with high school students from a rich school? Well, if you're lucky, a little something called empathy develops. 

(Need a refresher on the difference between empathy and sympathy? Check out this animated video of a fox and a bear and an antelope. I guarantee it's way better than just looking up the definitions in a dictionary.)

The Reality of the 'Welfare Queen'

Nov 2, 2012

Today, Barbara Morrison is a computer security engineer with a six-figure income. But that wasn't always the case. Just a decade ago, Morrison was a single-mother reliant on welfare checks. In a new article for Forbes, Morrison reminisces on her life, showing readers just how challenging life on welfare can be.

What it takes to raise successful kids

Aug 23, 2012
Fuscia Foot / flickr

Having lots of money does not make somebody a better parent, but a child with wealthy parents is more likely to go to college, and more likely to have economic opportunity once they become an adult.

This truth, complicated and as poorly understood as it is does demonstrate one thing. If you are a low-income parent and you want your kids to be successful, the numbers are not on your side.