charles murray

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Last year, I sat down for an interview with libertarian author and scholar Charles Murray. We talked for about 30 minutes. Four minutes of the conversation made it to air

I've been thinking lately about something Murray said at the end of our interview. Though he said it more than a year ago, I think it's relevant to many conversations happening today in Washington over how to manage the federal government's deficit.

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Charles Murray may not be a household name. But the libertarian author and commentator has had a major effect on our nation's approach to poverty. His ideas helped shape the landmark 1996 welfare reform act. He's also a figure of controversy, particularly for those on the left.

Next week, we're hoping to sit down for a chat with political scientist and author Charles Murray. For the unfamiliar, Murray is a conservative thinker whose writings on race, achievement and the family have been hugely influential and plenty controversial.