Gap watch: Why aren't guys finishing college?

Jun 17, 2013

Credit Chris Devers / Flickr

Researchers Thomas A. DiPrete and Claudia Buchman write in the Los Angeles Times about another phenomenon for the gap watch files.

According to Buchman and DiPrete, "anti-academic male stereotypes" are keeping young men from college and making it harder for them to graduate.

The underinvestment in education by adolescent boys and young men stems in part from out-of-date masculine stereotypes. Such things as a strong attachment to school, a feeling of closeness to teachers, an excessive interest in high academic achievement or a fondness for art or music are viewed by many young men as unmasculine.

Stereotypes are slow to disappear. If you missed it, Dustin Dwyer profiled a group of hip hop artists working against stereotypes in Grand Rapids.