Is college still worth it? That depends on where you go.

Jan 10, 2013

The ever reliable economic mobility project at the PEW Charitable Trusts has a new report out today. The question they researched was whether or not having a college degree helped people make it through the recession.

There was a sense during the recession that everyone was vulnerable to job loss and not much could protect people. But of course that wasn't true. We all saw certain industries take more of a hit than others. And, it turns out, people who had four-year college degrees took less of a hit than those with associates degrees or a high school diploma.

"The findings show a real deterioration over the course of the recession in the market position of recent college graduates.  However, these effects were quite small when compared with those experienced by high school and associate degree-holders."

Four year degrees are getting ever-more expensive, and according to this report more easily afforded degrees aren't really showing their value when times get tough.